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Super Kids Food

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Super Kids Food was formulated by Naturopath Nicky Wood who saw a gap in the nutritional needs of her young patients during periods of teething or illness.

Nicky says…

“All too often I meet parents in my clinic who are at their wits end with getting a wide variety of foods into their children to cover their many nutritional needs during these times. There are many formulations on the market for adults and most multivitamins are not safe for children to take without creating an imbalance in other nutrients.”

Super Kids Food is designed to provide a unique combination of nutrients that have been pre ‘digested’ by pre and probiotic strains of healthy bacteria, making the goodness easily available to young tummies! Super Kids Foods contains an iodine rich ingredient Dunaliela Salina. Research has proven Iodine to be highly important for the growth and development of children’s brains as well as providing important antimicrobial and antiviral immune support in the body.