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Bentonite Clay Bath Kit - RADIATION

Price: $79.00
Product Code:  Radiation
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Each 2.5kg clay bath kit will administer 10 one cup baths


  • 2.5kg Bentonite Clay
  • Herbs and Spices
  • PH test strips
  • Bath Plug
  • Drain Guard
  • Detailed Instructions


Sources of Radiation -  Computers, microwaves, cell phones, most electronics, industrial pollution, nuclear plants, x-rays, chemotherapy, irradiated foods, nuclear warfare, military grade weapons (depleted uranium shells, etc…). This silent killer is present everywhere and we are exposed daily to it in our technical world and in our atmosphere.


Possible Symptoms of Radiation Toxicity - Anxiety, hysteria, insatiable hunger, dizziness and vertigo, rheumatic pains, hearing problems, complete exhaustion, extreme tiredness, mood swings, hot and cold flashes, gastric distress, migraine headaches, memory loss, flu like symptoms, nausea, suppressed immune system, low red and white blood cell counts, infertility, and more.